The Ultimate Luxury Gaming Experience: Vuzix Eyeworn Displays

Bigger is always better right?  If you are an avid gamer or work long hours on the computer you may have considered buying a larger monitor to satisfy that craving for more video real estate.  With one of the wearable video displays from Vuzix, you can enjoy playing your favorite games in giant screen glory without having to build an addition to your house.  All this is done with a compact package built into a set of wrap around style sunglasses.  The Vuzix displays are based around two small 640×480 video screens suspended just an inch from your eye.  When viewed, this gives the illusion of watching a giant 62 inch screen at a distance of nine feet away but the whole unit weighs only a scant 3.2 ounces.

A Feast For The Eyes and Senses?

Vuzix manufactures several different versions of the display, with their flagship gaming model (the VR920 ) featuring the additional perks of built in headphones and a noise canceling microphone.  Gamers should already be salivating at the idea of playing online games with the ability to speak to, hear, and view the game in a completely immersive environment.  The display also includes a motion tracker that when used with appropriately equipped 3D modeling applications or games allow you to look around the environment simply by turning your head.  Popular 3D online games such as World of Warcraft are even mentioned in company press releases, so it would be very interesting to see if the displays truly make the gaming experience better or not.

The Bottom Line:

At $399, the Vusix VR920 is not cheap, but for those with the money to spend and wanting to truly get into their games, the VR920 might be worth considering.  Vuzix also makes self powered models suitable for use with your portable MP3/video player (AV920),  allowing you to watch your movies or PSP games in the same large screen brilliance.

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