Stephen King’s “Lisey’s Story”

The master of all things horrific and gory has once again accomplished a tour de force in his latest novel, Lisey’s Story. Crossing the barrier of conventional suspense and horror―King’s regal trademark―this work shows a much deeper, more emotional and powerfully personal side of the author.

Lisey’s Story is one of supreme tragedy and destined fate, a character study of grief. Two years after the death of her husband Scott, an esteemed author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Lisey Landon discovers a plethora of clues that lead her deeper into her husband’s life and into the chaos of his past. The emotions that the author wrings from his main character provide a heartrending read, one filled with the inherent discovery of truth and the anguish over the loss of a loved one.

Flashback sequences take the reader on a journey of Lisey’s marriage, Scott’s near murder and ultimately his death. But along the road, we learn he hoarded secrets and a life of mental illness. Here is where King’s propensity for supernatural suspense takes over, moving the story along at rapid pace, with heart-stopping moments of sheer terror.

As strangers approach Lisey, desperate for Scott’s unpublished work, her life is endangered and she comes face to face with pure evil. Her journey takes her to Boo’ya Moon, where she finally witnesses what her husband had to face. And thrown into the mix, is Lisey’s own struggle with her sister’s mental illness and deterioration. It is her relationship with her family that pulls at the reader even more, drawing us into Lisey’s world.

Stephen King has demonstrated that his natural talent as a writer far surpasses creating works of horror or suspense, such as Carrie, The Shining or Christine. He is a prolific writer with a seemingly inexhaustible source of ideas that appear to take root almost effortlessly. His novels have noticeably evolved over the years, becoming profoundly more emotional and multifaceted, stockpiling layer upon layer of character development and story elements. Lisey’s Story is indeed a rich tapestry, woven with the finest threads.

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