Start Your Very Own Jewelry Business Online

Amber jewelry is known as one of the leading online wholesalers of fashion and costume jewelry. This organization is once again beckoning people to take advantage of their scintillating offering- one that allows you to both source and sell jewelry pieces using the internet medium. By signing up for their policy, you get an opportunity to run your very own jewelry business without even setting up a company premises. However, the company’s policy is subject to certain Terms and Conditions. Let us now take a look into some of them.

On receiving the shipment, the customer will be asked to sign for the items. Hence, it is imperative that whatever delivery address you are providing must be attended by someone round the clock. For AU it takes two to five working days to get the products delivered. Similarly, dealers based in the Scottish offshore islands have to wait for ten days before the shipment reaches them. Amber jewelry is easily among the most revered fashion jewelry pieces across the length and breadth of globe. When combined with precious metals, the jewels exude an ageless elegance. Amber qualifies as a rare gemstone that is available in a variety of shades like typical gold, black, green, and even yellow.

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