Payday Loans


Payday loans generally fill the cash shortage which springs up before the next pay check. An unexpected medical or car bill, unexpected travel expense or even general utility bills like grocery can pose as a huge expenditure at any point of time. Payday loans are an ideal choice for this short term requirement.

For qualifying for payday loans, a borrower requires to be in regular employment with a current valid bank account. While submitting payday loans application you would be required to fill in the details about employment and bank account number


A payday loan is easy to apply for. At Chance for loans, you fill in a simple application form for payday loans. We transfer the application details to all banks who deal in payday loans. When the application gets approved, the loan amount is transferred into your checking account, the next business day. we will contact such lenders who can make the approval of payday loan fast or within 24 hours. The application for payday loans can be made even on weekends.Repayment is also easy with payday loans. At an agreed time the cash that you have borrowed will be withdrawn from your bank account. You will receive a notification before and after the withdrawal. In case you want to rethink the due date or want to postpone it, you can freely talk with the loan lender about it. The interest will be charged every time you reschedule the due date.
The repayment term for payday loans arranged by Chance for loans is in the range of 7-14 days, which can be extended up to 18 days. The amount advanced as payday loans is in the range of £200 – £1,500. But these loans are subject to your income, the more you earn the more you can borrow.


Posted On:  December 1, 2017
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