Mix It Up! 7 Unique Spa Treatments to Relax and Revitalize!

Here are 7 truly unique spa treatments that will make you feel like royalty!  Most hail from Europe, the Far East, or Indonesia, where they are well versed in the art of pampering.  These therapies are so luxurious, it might be hard to decide which to try first.   You’ll just have to plan a series of spa adventures so you can enjoy the full variety of delicious pampering!

Fresh Organic Fruit Massage

Receive the ecstatic experience of having your body massaged with your favorite fruit.  You can limit it to just a foot fruit massage or go the distance with a full body massage. Fruit acids tighten and refine skin’s texture by helping to slough away dead cells.  Depending on the fruit you choose, the additional benefits could be exfoliating, energizing, cleansing, or detoxifying.  Some spas will combine the fruit with an aromatic massage oil to enhance the overall benefit.

Salt Scrub or Salt Glow

Sea salt is rich in trace minerals and when applied during a gentle, but stimulating massage, it will detoxify and exfoliate dry skin cells. Oftentimes, it will be combined with warm, aromatic massage oil for a more luxurious application. Your newly radiant skin is then rinsed with soothing warm water, leaving your skin moist, glowing and satiny smooth.  (Don’t shave your legs before this treatment.)
Javanese Lulur

Truly fit for a queen or king, this spice and milk body polishing treatment originated in the royal palaces of Central Java in the 17th century and is still used to prepare the bride for her wedding night.

The ancient tradition of Lulur is performed on the bride-to-be, for each of the 40 days prior to the wedding by women in the family as a way of privately having time together to pass on wisdom and nurturing. It is believed that the more relaxed the bride is, the more likely she will conceive on the honeymoon night. Nowadays, the Javanese Lulur is readily available internationally and is a popular spa treatment for men and women any time – not only pre- or post-wedding.  And not to worry…it probably has nothing to do with fertility!

This traditional Indonesian ritual begins with a luxurious deep-tissue massage using strong strokes that improve energy flow using Jasmine Frangipani scented oil and continues with Lulur, a tumeric and rice skin scrub applied lightly to exfoliate and sweeten the skin. After the skin has been cleansed, your body is pampered with a traditional yogurt application and an exotic flower bath.  You emerge feeling relaxed and totally pampered and your skin is soft, supple and shining.

Coffee Body Scrub

Intoxicatingly aromatic, this scrub smoothes and refines your skin and elevates your mood with coffee’s naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Each spa has its own special blend of roasted coffee, often combined with volcanic pumice.  The body is then rubbed with fresh carrots, sometimes blended in a jelly to soothe your skin.  The treatment provides a stimulating and refreshing cleanse for the whole body, rejuvenating the skin and arousing the senses.

Hot Chocolate Body Massage

Is there anything more decadent for a chocolate lover than to have your body slathered in it while being massaged at the same time?  The aroma alone, with its anti-stress and calming effect, can send you into ecstasy, as it increases the production of endorphins, the “hormone of happiness”!

The antioxidants in cacao are purported to improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure and assist with anti-aging.  Cacao also moisturizes and nourishes your skin, while helping get rid of cellulite.
Some spas use chocolate oil, some use a chocolate cream and still others use real melted chocolate mixed with almond oil for smooth and sensuous application.

After rinsing in a warm shower, you are left with the heavenly smell and haven’t ingested a single

Four Hands Massage

Four-hands massage is performed by two therapists working in concert.  With hands flowing over your body like the ocean, you lose track of time and space, your mind and body are set free. You experience deep relaxation as you surrender to the symphony of healing and pleasure created by four hands working together for a totally unique experience.

Therapeutic Honey Massage

Honey massage is one of the ancient healing treatments of Tibet.  It is particularly suitable while fasting, due to its detoxifying and cleansing properties.  Honey also stimulates energetic channels, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle stress, stimulates lymph system and acts against cellulite. It can support recovery from common colds and painful joints.  As you can imagine, honey massage is not suitable for men with excessive body hair.

So, you have the options.  Now it’s time to try them on for size!  The Internet is an invaluable tool for researching which spas offer what treatments.  So whether you’re looking into the spa around the corner from you or a spa at your next destination getaway, do the research and plan your nosedive into bliss!

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