MERRILL Visa Credit Card

The Merrill Visa Credit Card from FIA Card Services is an excellent low APR credit card that also offers an attractive balance transfer option for those individuals that carry a balance with one or more credit card issuers. It also features an excellent rewards program where card holders earn one rewards point for every dollar spent using their Merrill Card.

The low introductory rate on credit card balance transfers also applies to cash advance checks. The applicant’s credit rating must be very good to excellent to be approved for this offer which extends lines of credit up to $250,000. Merrill trusts and values it’s clients and that is reflected in this extraordinarily high credit limit – easily one of the most generous credit lines offered throughout the credit card industry.

Rewards points are redeemable for airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, gift certificates, select merchandise and special events that Merrill card holders get privileged access to. Travel insurance, travel emergency assistance and extended warranties on purchases are also included. The structure of the Merrill Visa Card is tiered in that the more the card holder uses their card, the greater amount of benefits they will receive.

The truly unique aspect of this credit card offer is the fact that there is no annual fee. The vast majority of travel reward cards issued by other credit card companies charge annual fees in order to offset the cost of their rewards program. You can also take advantage of companion airline tickets, have the ability to upgrade, have access to airport lounges and complete around the clock concierge service.

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