Get Air Miles Rewards with the Discover Business Miles Credit Card

The Discover Business Miles Card is designed to benefit companies and small business owners that are seeking to earn rewards for the expenditures made in the course of operating their business.This credit card specializes in travel rewards by granting cardholders double points every time they use their card for gas purchases and travel related expenses. A mile is rewarded for all other purchases of goods and services made using the card.

Account holders redeem their miles for airline tickets or discounts in the form of reduced airfares on U.S. based air carriers. There is no limit to the amount of air miles you can accumulate and they never expire. In addition, unlike travel rewards programs from some other banks and credit card issuers, the Discover Miles card has no restrictions and no blackout dates. Travel restrictions are a thing of the past. You can now fly any airline, reserve any seat and fly on any date you choose.

For account holders that carry a high interest rate monthly balance with other credit card companies can take advantage of the low introductory APR on balance transfers. There is also a 0% annual percentage rate on all new purchases for an introductory period. This business card offer has no annual fee and has features that include fraud protection, check writing and online account management to help track expenses and conveniently redeem your air mile rewards.

Be sure to carefully read the terms set forth in the application before you apply for this or any other credit card offer. It is important to understand the interest rates that will be charged if you plan on carrying a balance from one billing cycle to the next. You will also want to compare the rewards program to that of similar offers to be sure that this card best suits your financial needs. You can also get additional Discover Business Miles credit cards for your employees.

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