Freee Online Credit Report

These days a good credit rating is more important than ever before. Having a bad credit rating is the modern day equivalent of being a leper; you will be shunned and rejected by people and businesses everywhere you go. With so much of our economics today running on credit, it is no wonder why people hold credit ratings with such great importance. I almost never actually use cash anymore for anything when I shop. Next time you’re in a long line at the supermarket, count how many people ahead of you only pay with cash. Repeat this little experiment a few times and you’ll see what I mean.

So it is a good idea to keep a close watch on your credit rating health. When was the last time you checked that? If you can not remember, its probably a good idea to get a freee online credit report.

There is a number of sights to get free online credit reports from, and most of them are very easy to use. I recently gave ‘’ and I was not very satisfied. It is true, you do get a freee online credit report, however it does not have a lot of details in it. Basically, you just get your overall credit score from Experian, without any specific records. To get more details, or to see your score from the other credit agencies, you have to perform an ‘upgrade’ your account which of course costs money.

Having a good understanding of your credit rating is worthwhile, however, and if the score you get in your freee online credit report is lower than you thought then it would be its probably worth paying the fee to find out why is that so. Sites that offer freee online credit reports are apparently gambling that you will want more information. Fortunately for me, I discovered my credit rating was higher than I’d thought, so I was happy with my freee online credit report by itself.

One thing to watch for if you sign up for a freee online credit report is any additional memberships the site signs you up for. For example, ‘’ automatically signs you up with a creadit service called Triple Advantage, and while your initial membership is free if you do not cancel it within a month you’ll start getting regular monthly charges. The service is actually interesting, as it allows you to track recent changes to your credit rating. If you are especially worried about current trends in your credit rating, it may be worth holding on to your membership there, just in case.

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