Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer Explains General Types of Tort

A Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer explains there are three general types of tort, which are categorized as a civil wrongdoing for which a remedy may be obtained – essentially, a tort is something someone else did wrong that caused you injury and for which you could sue them over.
The three major tort categories are intentional tort, negligence tort and strict liability torts. Torts are personal injury laws created by legislation and through judges.
Intentional tort is tort for which the defendant intends the consequences of an action. An example of an intentional tort would be a mugging or other type of assault.
Negligence tort is the most common and contains the most cases under the law. In general, the law imposes a duty on every citizen to behave at least as carefully as a responsible, ordinary prudent person in a similar situation. This is known as what the reasonable person standard. If the defendant’s actions fall short of a reasonable person standard, then the person can not be found negligent. This may be the most difficult to prove of all the torts.
A plaintiff may sue under the theory of strict liability if she or he contends that the defendant is liable regardless of fault. Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers say the issue of the defendant’s negligence is irrelevant; the defendant is liable if the defendant’s activity in any way caused the plaintiff’s injury.
Medical and professional malpractice law, which deals with unprofessional ethical conduct by professionals, is one of the three other personal injury laws. Medical malpractice law suites are the majority of malpractice style lawsuits.
Another type of personal injury law is product liability, which gives the right to a person injured by a defective product to sue the manufacturer or maker of the product. The third and final type of personal injury law is transportation or traffic law which deals with vehicles, maritime, aviation and railroad accidents.
Many people believe that personal injury laws have increased the number of frivolous lawsuits with the main goal of them being to receive fast money.

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