Financialy Key Components

Financial Review

Review of current financial condition, monitoring, bookkeeping, and financial reporting practices. This provides invaluable insights to how your company is operating as it is critical when exploring strategic opportunities.

Business Assessment

We do an Organizational Assessment of you business to see where you are right now as a company and to see what is currently working and what needs some attention. We will also perform a SWOT analysis which is an assessment tool to gauge your company’s strategic position.

Mission Statement and Value Proposition Formulation

In this step, we help you establish a Mission Statement and Value Proposition. A Mission Statement is a brief written description of the purpose of the organization. The statement should describe what business your company is presently in and the customer needs it presently is serving. A Value Proposition clarifies what you stand for and believe in. They guide the organization and its daily business.

Goals, Objectives, and Strategy Formulation

In this step, we assist you in developing your Goals, Objectives and Strategies. Goals describe a desired outcome, they set the agenda, are broad, and global in nature. Objectives convert your strategic goals into specific performance targets. Strategies are the methods or processes required to achieve the goals and objectives.

Development of Action Plan

The Action Plan is designed after the main goals, objectives and strategies have been set in order to attain what you desire in a straightforward and measurable way. The Action Plan identifies the specific steps that will be taken to achieve the strategic objectives. Every Action Plan will address what will be done, who the responsible person(s) are, when will the action be completed, and what resources are needed.

Action Plan Implementation Support

Implementation is when your Action Plan is transformed into results. As a result of formulating a clear strategy, many projects emerge, the execution of which relates to successful implementation of a strategy. Good Action Plans, well-implemented, ensure that strategy does not die.

Business Advisory Services

Also included in the packages are Dyer Consulting Group’s Business Advisory Services. Our Business Advisory Services provide you a cost effective way to obtain the knowledge and support you want and need to grow your business. You will receive a 1 hour monthly session for 3 months at the conclusion of the project to ensure proper execution.

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