Fall Clothes Shopping in Hawaii

´╗┐Last week I spent a fun filled week with one of my best and most adventurous friends Kathy. While shopping is certainly not the only thing that we did when I came to visit, as person who loves clothes and shopping, when I am on vacation I always try to get clothing that I can not find where I live.

I found two really cute dresses and a tank top in at a store called Honolua Surf Company. They super soft too. I tried to find them on their website to link to but they are not up there. The company is based in Hawaii. I must say the fit of the clothes are very nice, the price is right, and they have some cute and original stuff. I think that there is one of every island too.

My friend Kathy lives right on Wakiki Beach. This is like the fashion district in Honolulu. There were all these high end stores and they were selling their fall collections as if it was going to get cold there. I was really surprised. Most places in Hawaii never get below 85 degrees! I guess the tourists must buy the stuff and take it home, who knows. You would think that they would just ship all their summer stuff to Hawaii instead of stocking these stores with thick winter coats, and sweaters.

The Old Navy is also being stocked with warm and fuzzy fall clothes. Kathy went there to get some of Old Navy’s famous cheap flip flops (called slippas in Hawaii) and all they had was neon yellow and neon blue! They will not be getting any more until next year either. So, I just went to Old Navy here in Arizona and found her just about every color they make on clearance and I mailed them to her. She will have flip flops for every out fit now!

If you do ever end up shopping for clothes in Hawaii, skip the clothes you can buy on the mainland. They are probably more expensive in Hawaii anyhow. Get your self some neato board shorts, a cute bathing suit and do not forget to get a sarong! Sarongs are easy to find and cheap in Hawaii plus they are very fun to where too! When you get back home you can always use the sarong by the pool as a chic wrap over your bathing suit.

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