DRM Free Music Files: Play Your Music Where YOU Want To

When it comes to purchasing music files online to play on your computer or MP3 player you can now choose from dozens of different vendors.  While iTunes and Napster come to mind immediately the music on these sites have one major limitation.  In most cases you cannot play the music on any machine other than those that are authorized by the service.  Depending on the company you may be able to authorize several or only one machine.  If you burn the compressed file to a disc and move it to another machine it is very likely that it will not play due to the Digital Rights Management (DRM) that is applied to each file before it is downloaded.  For years users have complained about the restrictions, and while there are ways around it the fact remains that most people believe that since you paid for the music you should have the right to do with it as you please.

Finally there is a digital music provider out there that has had the guts to remove all DRM protection from the files it sells.  Amazon.com recently unveiled a new MP3 music site that sells DRM free tracks for as little as 89 cents each which is on par with most other download services.  The difference is that you can do anything you want to with the Amazon music tracks.  Load them on your MP3 player, burn dozens of them to a CD to play on your car’s stereo system, or take a copy to your place of business to listen to as you work.  All of these are now options without any loss in quality due to burning and re-ripping the files.

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