Discover Student Credit Card

The Discover Student Card is a great way to help students establish that all important credit history. It is a credit card that rewards the card holder with a cashback bonus each and every time the card is used. The cash reward bonuses are paid automatically and there is no limit to the amount you can earn.

This credit card offer from Discover comes with all the features and benefits that a Platinum credit card offers including up to 5% cash rebates on your every day purchases including gas, dining, travel and entertainment. There is a 1% cash back rebate on all other purchases made with the Discover Student Card.

In addition to the cash rebates mentioned previously, card members can also receive double cashback bonuses when they redeem their points for gift cards with any of the 100 online retailers that Discover has partnered with. There is no yearly limit on the amount of points a card holder can accrue and they will not expire.

The Platinum benefits included with this offer are many. They include online account management, fraud and theft protection, travel accident insurance and more. Customer service is a phone call away with Discover’s 1-800 service. Cardholders can also earn up to 20% cashback bonuses when they shop online.

There is no annual fee with this card but the APR or annual percentage rate charged for this card is rather high so it is in your best interest not to carry a balance from month to month. Be sure to pay off your credit card debt in full to avoid paying interest and finance charges.

Please be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of this or any other credit card that you are considering applying for. Having a student credit card can be an excellent way to establish credit and to build up that all important credit rating. Use it responsibly and it will benefit you in a great many ways.

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