Discover Student Card – Tropical Beach Credit Card

The Discover Student Tropical Beach Card will instantly remind cardholders of spring breaks past and spring breaks yet to be. Students with this credit card will be able to earn rewards for their every day purchases while building up that all-important credit history. Spring break and other travel expenses is a perfect way to do just that.

Cardholders earn cashback rewards up to 5% in popular categories that include bookstores, travel, entertainment, dining and gas. All other purchases will earn cash rebates up to 1%, depending upon how much money is spent. Warehouse clubs and discount stores will also earn a .25% cash rebate.

A double cashback bonus is awarded when bonus rebates are redeemed for gift certificates with any of Discover Card’s merchant partners. Points accumulate have no expiration as long as the card does not go dormant for 36 months or more. there is no limit to the amount of bonus points and cash back rewards the card holder can collect.

In addition to having no annual fee, the Discover Tropical Beach Student Credit Cardhas a 0% introductory rate on new purchases. The interest rate charged for this card is on par with other student credit card offers. Always check the creditor’s terms for important information such as annual percentage rates (APRs) and fee disclosures before completing the application.

College students will also receive other platinum level benefits including theft and unauthorized use protection, online account access, discounts on select goods and services and more. Cash rebates can be accepted in several ways; as a credit on your billing statement, mailed to you as a check, or in the form of gift certificates. Be sure to thoroughly read the terms set forth by the creditor before you apply.

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