Discover More Card – Sealife Collection

The Discover More Credit Card – Sealife Collection is popular amongst both land and sea lovers alike. It is a cash rebate card that allows cardholders to earn up to 5% cash back on select purchases that include gas, travel, dining, entertainment, home improvement stores and more. Cardholders can earn double cashback bonuses when they redeem their rebates for gift cards at any of the over 100 cashback bonus retail partners.

Account holders can also earn up to 1% cash back on all their general purpose purchases. The amount that is rebated is tiered depending on how much you spend. Cash rebates never expire and there is no limit to the amount you can earn. Please be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions of the rewards program set forth in the application before you apply for this or any other credit card offer.

Other features included with this offer are a 0% APR on all new purchases and balance transfers for an introductory period. This can add up to substantial savings if you carry a balance from one billing cycle to the next and/or currently carry a balance with one or more banks or credit card companies that charge high interest rates. Upon expiration of the introductory period the annual percentage rate is favorable compared to other rewards cards.

Of course, because this is a Discover Card offer you will enjoy other Platinum level benefits that include online account access including bill pay, full protection from unauthorized use, discounts on goods and services from select merchants, travel and car rental insurance and much more. We encourage you to compare the features and benefits of the Discover More Sealife Card with that of other rewards credit cards to see which offers best fit your financial needs.

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