Discover More Card – Clear Credit Card

The Discover More Clear Card is a cash back rewards credit card that earns card holders generous cash rebates from 5% up to 20% at leading online retailers. Cashback bonuses up to 1% are awarded for all other purchases made with the card. Bonus points can be doubled when redeemed for gift cards.

This card is designed for applicants with a good credit history that are interested in a card with a flexible rewards program. There is no annual fee with this credit card offer and the cardholder has the option to choose either cashback rebates or can redeem their bonus points for gift cards that are good at over 100 quality retailers.

Card holders are also enrolled in the “Get More Program” which awards Discover Platinum account holders with 5% cash back on every day purchases of goods and services that include filling up your gas tank, dining at your favorite restaurants, shopping at the home improvement store of your choice and more.

Using the Discover More Card basically means you earn a 5% discount on everything you buy. In addition to savings realized, cardholders can realize further savings by taking advantage of the 0% APR balance transfer option. The balance transfer is an introductory offer and upon expiration the interest rate charged is quite reasonable.

There is no interest assessed for purchases made during the first 6 months of being approved and receiving your Discover Clear card. Platinum level benefits are a standard feature with this credit card offer and include fraud protection, travel insurance, discounts with participating merchants and more.

This rewards card is especially beneficial to those consumers that pay their monthly bill in full at the conclusion of each billing cycle. Please be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions laid out in the application of this and any other credit card offer before you apply.

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