Joint Application Credit Card

You may have come across the term ‘Joint Application Credit Card’ and wondered exactly what it is. Well it is basically an application for a credit card account which will be shared by two people, and they will each have a card, but there will only be one bill issued each month for the total credit on both cards. A husband and wife, live-in partners or parent and son/daughter may typically apply for a joint application credit card. The two individuals involved would both be required to sign for their cards and both would be jointly and severally responsible for the total debt on the account.

Here’s how it works.. Firstly an individual will complete a credit card application form and will then ask for an extra card. The extra card will have the name of the second person on it, but both credit cards with share the same account number. For wedded pairs it makes the management of household finances much easier to organize. Another useful benefit of the joint application credit card is when a parent is assisting their child in establishing good credit. Children away from home at college will often require a parent or guardian’s backing for a loan and the joint application credit card is the perfect answer.

However, this type of credit card does have one or two disadvantages and you need to understand the implications fully before you enter into any legal agreements. If, for example, one of the parties runs up a large debt on their card, that debt is also the liability of the other person on the joint account. This issue often becomes a major problem in the case of husband and wife separating or divorcing and neither of them want to take responsibility for the debt. While there is a debt on the card, neither single party may cancel the card. Once the full amount of the charge on the card has been paid off, either of the parties may cancel the card, thereby ensuring that no further purchases can be made against it.

The joint application credit card obviously brings trust issues into question, but there are those for whom this type of agreement will work perfectly. You’ll find that most of the larger credit card companies will be able to offer you an account to suit your needs, but you should always read thoroughly the conditions of the card and the terms of service and do not hesitate to get in contact directly with the credit card provider should you have any specific question on the subject.

Instant Online Credit Card Application Information

Instant online credit card application sounds pretty straight forward and yet if not carried out in the proper manner, will leave you paying much more for the card you choose, in the long term. It all depends on the amount of time you put into research, and that goes for your credit situation as well as the actual card. Oh yes, making an instant online credit card application can be a little time consuming, even tedious but believe me it will be worth your effort, and you’ll notice it every month when you pay your account.

The First thing you need to do when considering an instant online credit card application is to obtain an up-to-date copy of your credit report. You can get one from any of the three main agencies, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The information held on your credit report will be seen by any company you approach for credit so it makes sense to make sure your report gives a good impression before you start theinstant online credit card application process. Pay off any small amounts of credit and close any accounts with a zero balance. If you are behind with any payments, bring them current now! Also check for errors on your report and bring them to the attention of the lender.

Once you have made sure that your credit report looks respectable again, you must ensure that the three main credit agencies are aware of your repair work. This is an important part of the instant online credit card application process. Your best move is to leave it for a week, then apply for an updated report and check that your amendments have been noted. You should also note that your credit score has improved if you made significant improvements.

So now you’ve done the preparatory work, the second stage of making an instant online credit card application is to make comparisons of all the cards you are confident you will qualify for, taking into account your credit score. Now a lot of people look for the highest credit limit when making comparisons but that is not likely to give you the lowest interest rate. The things you should be looking for here are APR (interest rate), set-up charges (if any), annual or monthly fees, late payment charges, credit limit, rewards and once you have narrowed down your list always read the small print attached to each card.

OK so now you have chosen the card that best suits your personal requirements, you are ready to make your instant online credit card application and it’s all downhill from here. Simply complete the application form that comes with the card you have chosen. Being accurate in your answers will save you time in the long run. If you supply all the information the questionnaire asks, you will be more likely to get an instant decision, whereas if there are any discrepancies, the computer will throw up a red flag which will mean yourinstant online credit card application will need to be checked by a bank associate. This all adds to the delay in you getting your card.

So that’s it! All you need to do now is sit back and wait for your new plastic, and because you spent a little time in researching your instant online credit card application, you are more likely to be receiving a card that not only suits your requirements, but will also cost you less to own. Always follow these simple steps whenever you make an instant online credit card application.

I Want A Credit Card – ASAP

I want a credit card and I want it now! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were that easy? For the majority of us, once we have made the decision to find a credit card that meets our needs, we need the application process to happen as soon as possible.. And there are plenty of credit card websites offering instant credit cards, but does it really happen instantly? I don’t think so! So I thought I’d put the question to the test, and find out just how much time it takes from telling yourself “I want a credit card”, to actually holding the card in your hand and in a postion to use it.

I began the exercise by getting a copy of my credit report, which I realized I would need in order to find out exactly those cards I would qualify for. That process took two days but I did travel down the ‘free credit report’ path and maybe had I paid I would maybe have received it sooner. I did not have perfect credit but was in good shape and my score was above average, so I was positive that I would have a good choice of cards available to me. That afternoon I spent time on my PC perusing the large amount of credit card web sites especially those that offered the chance to compare similar cards from all the different issuers. I was now 3 days since my ‘I want a credit card’ decision and accepted that I was now in the right position to fill in my online application.

I accurately submitted my application on a web site offering instant credit card decisions, at about 8.30pm, one Thursday evening and checked my email inbox the following afternoon. The only email from the card issuing company was an automated reply confirming that my application had been received. I had no further response from the card issuing company until the following Monday afternoon at which time I was 7 days from when I originally told myself, “I want a credit card“. A financial associate from the card issuing company called me on my cell just to verify a few answers to questions on my application. Having straightened out those points I was told that I would get an answer from them, by email, ‘within a day or so’.

It was 35 hours later when I got the email response I was waiting for, confirming that my application had been a success and that I should have my plastic ‘within a matter of days’. It was precisely ten days after that my card arrived (7 business days), and my maths showed that from making the decision, ‘I want a credit card’ to actually clutching my plastic in my hand was 19 days. Not very good for an instant credit card application! Not! Keeping in mind that my application was straightforward with no extra delays for further investigations into my credit history to be made, I am now thinking that there is no such thing as an instant credit card. You might be wise to consider my experience the next time you tell yourself “I want a credit card and I want it instantly”!

How To Make A Successful Online Credit Card Application

Three Rules For Success

1/. First and foremost you should always obtain a copy of your credit report before making an online credit card application. Request a copy of your report from at least one of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. These agencies may all hold differing information about you, and you may decide to check out a report from each one of them. This is an extremely important part of the online credit card application process.

Your credit report will help you to build a good impression of your financial circumstances from a lender’s point of view. Keep in mind that when you make an online credit card application, your credit score will affect the type of card you are likely to qualify for. For example, if you have a perfect credit history and have always made payments on time, you will notice when you make your online credit card application that you are eligible for a much wider choice of card than if your credit history is punctuated by missed or late payments and defaults.

2/. Peruse your credit report thoroughly taking a good look at all the information contained in it. – Firstly, check that all the information is correct. Are there any items still listed that you know have been paid off? Are there any balances that you think are incorrect? All these things can affect your online credit card application and if you find any discrepancies you should contact the relevant company and request that they inform the bureau concerned so that your information can be amended. It’s also advisable to contact the bureau yourself to ensure it has been done. Errors on your credit report can often prevent you from making a successful online credit card application and getting credit that you would otherwise qualify for.

Also, when you look closely at your report, check for any small items that you can easily pay off. Your credit report tells a potential lender how much credit you already have access to, so if you’ve any old credit cards which have been paid off or current accounts which you no longer use, close them now so they don’t add to your overall existing available credit. This is very important as, based on your income, a lender will usually estimate how much debt you can comfortably afford. It is important that you make your credit report appear as healthy as possible prior to making an online credit card application.

3/. Researching and comparing the hundreds of available cards from various sources is an important part of the online credit card application process. Once you have your credit in reasonable shape it’s time to choose a card which you are confident you will qualify for. If you are fortunate enough to have excellent credit history, (a score of 700-800) you will no doubt be accepted for almost any card you make an online credit card application for, while at the same time, qualifying for the lowest interest rates available. However, if you have average credit, (a score of 600-700) you may not get the card you choose, but are likely to be offered something close to that. Below a credit score of 600 you could be refused a credit card depending on what is gleaned from the information on your credit report. The company may not approve your online credit card application if it considers that you are not able to manage the repayments.

If your online credit card application is declined you’ll find a range of credit builder cards available from the leading issuing companies. These cards typically carry a lower credit limit and will often include monthly interest rates that are much higher than other cards.

So do your research methodically and don’t take a risk on rejection. Being refused credit of any kind can have a negative impact on your overall credit score. If your credit is in poor shape you may be as well to put your application on hold while you spend time repairing your credit rating. If you follow these three simple rules you’ll find the process quite straightforward, and spending a little time on research will help you to complete a successful online credit card application.

Easy Approval Credit Cards – Tread With Care

As a growing number of consumers now take advantage of credit cards to get the things they need, the credit card issuers are in demand to present new ideas to entice new individuals to embrace their products. Most credit cards are offered typically by hotels, banks, department stores,gas companies and even airlines. One of the most recent strategies being used to get the attention of new customers is by way of instant online credit card application.

The enticing feature about an instant online credit card application is that it offers complete convenience. Now you don’t need to spend loads of your time at your bank in order to get approved or wait in long lines. Today, almost everything is computerized which makes the online process more convenient easy and efficient, and you can relax in the comfort of your home while making your instant online credit card application. However, there are a few drawbacks to making your online application, the main one being the potentiality for identity fraud. To negate this risk, it is always a useful idea to always use your own computer to make this type of online application where you are giving personal date that could easily be manipulated to defraud your identity. Your computer has the required programs to render it virtually impossible for a third party to gain access to your private and confidential data.

It is also important to bare in mind that when completing an instant online credit card application you will not receive any additional benefits from your card as you might if you were to apply in the conventional manner. However, if you were to research intensely, you’ll discover numerous benefits being extended to credit card holders now such as reward points, airline miles and cash back opportunities.

The series of actions directed to making an instant online credit card application is generally quite simple. All you do is to follow the step by step instructions given on the application page. It’s no trouble to investigate and compare and scrutinize the plethora of different credit cards available on the internet and you will quickly find the credit card that is most suitable for you. The easiest way to get started is to simply type into your favorite search engine, the name of the bank, department store or airline that you are most interested in being associated with as well as the words “instant online credit card application” and you’ll find your search will return a plethora of options for you to consider.

There are a couple of other things that you should keep in mind when you make your instant online credit card application. Firstly you should determine what you’ll be using your credit card for, whether it’s for business use, purchasing day to day items or traveling. This will make it a great deal easier to locate the card you need as they are all designed with different consumers in mind. How much you earn monthly and the state of your credit report will make a difference to how much credit you will be given on your new card. Be aware that some credit cards have an application fee. Things to look for besides a low interest rate are no application or annual fees, and you should always take the time to read the small print associated with each card before you make your instant online credit card application.

If you are not sure about the different categories of cards available you’ll find category descriptions of all credit cards here, and if you follow these simple guidelines your instant online credit card application should turn out to be a complete success, giving you a credit card that is perfect for you in every way.