Airline Credit Cards – Facts You Need to Know

Credit card companies are very competitive when it comes to enticing new members. Credit cards are a part of everyday life for most people and companies are always looking for new ways to get people to switch. Credit card incentives are one way that credit card companies do this. Airlines are one of the major industries that credit card companies have teamed up with to bring consumers incentives. These incentives provide the consumers with free air miles based on the purchases they make with their airline credit card. Airline credit cards are very advantageous for the frequent traveler and if you do a lot of flying you should consider getting an airline credit card.

Most airline credit cards are affiliated with a major credit card company but also carry the airline’s name or logo. When you make purchases with your card you earn points for every dollar spent which can then be redeemed for airline miles. Most airline credit cards require you to accumulate a certain number of points before you earn a free ticket. You should know the details of a card before signing up so you know how the point system works and how long it will take you to earn miles.

It is a good idea to compare cards to find the one that is the best for you. You will want to find a card that offers you the best interest rate, no or low fees, and will allow you to accumulate points the fastest. You should also familiarize yourself with the conditions that are attached to your miles because sometimes they cannot be redeemed on certain airlines, on certain dates, or may expire if they are not used within a certain time.

If you choose an airline credit card that is affiliated with one specific airline you have the security of knowing exactly where you will be able to use the miles. With other airline credit cards that allow you to earn air miles but are not affiliated with one specific airline you may not be able to use the miles you earn at the airline of your choice. You may also be subjected to blackout dates with this type of card, whereas most airline credit cards that are affiliated with a specific airline do not have these restrictions. An airline specific credit card is a better choice for a person who has one particular airline that they almost always travel with. The fees with this type of card may be higher, but the airline miles will usually make up for them.

Free air travel can make an airline specific credit card a better deal than other types of airline credit cards if you end up save a lot more than you spend in fees Airline credit cards are the same as many other types of credit cards with their interest structure and application process. They still require responsibility in order to avoid overspending and going into debt. But for someone who travels frequently, an airline credit card could save them money if used correctly.

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