A Citibank Credit Card for Every Need

Credit cards are available from Citibank for all consumer types. No matter if the credit card user is a student, a homeowner or a businessperson, Citibank has a card for each of them.

Citibank carries a helpful list of credit cards that narrow down the benefits and requirements for assistance in matching the proper card to the proper card user and his or her needs. The credit cards offered is so plentiful that they cannot all be listed here. For those details a visit to the Citibank site would be suggested. Below is a list of four of their credit cards that come highly

Top Four Citibank Credit Cards

* Citibank Platinum Select Card offers an Intro0% APR and a standard APR of 9.74%. There is no annual fee and balance transfers are available.
* Citibank Diamond Preferred Card offers a 0% APR for up to 12 months and a standard APR of 9.74%. There is no annual fee and balance transfers are available.
* Citibank Home Rebate Platinum Select Master Card is helpful in paying down a homeowners mortgage. Rebates earned go directly towards the mortgage premium. Rebates are earned on payments made towards utilities, satellite and cable TV as well as Internet or Telecom
services. All other purchases earn 1 % towards rebates.
* Citibank Professional Card is helpful in purchasing business materials and paying off business expenses. Rebates are earned by purchases made in specific business related locations. There is a 0% Intro APR and a standard APR of 11.24%. An online expense organizer and quarterly annual account summary are available with the use of this card.

Applying for these cards is simple and requires basic personal information. The business card would require some business details as well as personal information. Citibank offers a wide array of cards that allow people interested in a credit card to find what they are looking for.

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