Miles by Discover Card

For those looking for a credit card where you can earn travel miles while making your regular purchases, then look no further, the Miles by Discover Card might be exactly what you are looking for. This travel rewards credit card is a great way to earn rewards miles while going about your everyday life. Everyone has expenses that they need to pay, why not get something in return while making those normal purchases? You now can when you use your Discover Miles Card instead of cash or a debit card. Even if you plan to pay your balance off right away, you can still benefit. This way you can purchase your groceries, cd’s, DVD’s, clothes, or even major appliances while saving up miles for that next vacation. The Miles by Discover Card almost makes it unfair to you to use any other means to purchase those everyday needs.

This travel rewards program allows customers to earn double miles up to $3000 when you make travel and restaurant purchases. When you go out to dinner with friends, or take that trip to see your family you can get double miles on all purchases such as these. You now have a reason to go out to eat. The Miles by Discover Card also rewards you for your normal purchases as well. You get 1 mile for every $1 you spend on your other purchases that are not travel or restaurant related. Face it you have to make everyday purchases such as groceries and gas, why not seek some sort of benefit while doing so? The travel rewards Discover Card rewards your for all of these purchases.

So it’s time to redeem your miles, what can you expect when you apply for a Discover Card. Say goodbye to the days of blackout dates and travel restrictions. The Discover Miles Card offers you the chance to book any travel, anytime you want to, and with no blackout dates. Once you have earned your travel mile you are free to go wherever you wish. With this travel rewards credit card there is also no expatriation dates when it comes to using your miles. This means there is no pressure to use your miles each year, you can let them add up for a later date if you choose.

Another great aspect to the Miles by Discover Card is that you don’t have only redeem your points for airfare, you can also redeem you points for gift cards or cash. Plus you don’t have to wait until you have a ton of points; you can start redeeming them with as little as 1,000 miles. This option gives you some variety in how you choose to use your rewards. You can cash them in for a plane ticket or a gift card in any of their over 70 brand-name partners, and then if neither of those options appeals to you a cash reward is another option. No matter what your needs or reward desires are; they can be met with the Miles by Discover Card.

MERRILL Visa Credit Card

The Merrill Visa Credit Card from FIA Card Services is an excellent low APR credit card that also offers an attractive balance transfer option for those individuals that carry a balance with one or more credit card issuers. It also features an excellent rewards program where card holders earn one rewards point for every dollar spent using their Merrill Card.

The low introductory rate on credit card balance transfers also applies to cash advance checks. The applicant’s credit rating must be very good to excellent to be approved for this offer which extends lines of credit up to $250,000. Merrill trusts and values it’s clients and that is reflected in this extraordinarily high credit limit – easily one of the most generous credit lines offered throughout the credit card industry.

Rewards points are redeemable for airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, gift certificates, select merchandise and special events that Merrill card holders get privileged access to. Travel insurance, travel emergency assistance and extended warranties on purchases are also included. The structure of the Merrill Visa Card is tiered in that the more the card holder uses their card, the greater amount of benefits they will receive.

The truly unique aspect of this credit card offer is the fact that there is no annual fee. The vast majority of travel reward cards issued by other credit card companies charge annual fees in order to offset the cost of their rewards program. You can also take advantage of companion airline tickets, have the ability to upgrade, have access to airport lounges and complete around the clock concierge service.

Look for Lower Limits on Credit Cards Across the Board

There is no doubt that we will see credit card issuers begin to lower the credit limits extended to their customers. In an effort to limit their exposure to an increasingly tumultuous credit environment credit card companies must adopt a protective posture in order to survive.

Just as we have seen with the mortgage industry, the credit card industry is fraught with outstanding debt and an alarmingly sharp rise in delinquencies and charge-offs. One of the ways the industry can lower their exposure to future credit risks is to lower the lines of credit that are granted to cardholders.

The Wall Street Journal reports that highly respected analyst Meredith Whitney of Oppenheimer & Co. expects to see more than 2 trillion dollars worth of previously available credit being lopped off over the period of the next 18 months.

Whitney cites new accounting rules that will require lenders to document outstanding credit card debt, coupled along with limiting the ability of credit card companies to raise rates at their leisure as reasons that lenders will aggressively curtail their lending activities.

It is estimated that over 90% of credit cards have “revolving credit” at one time or another. That simply means that bills were not paid in full at the end of each billing cycle and the debt on the credit card was carried forward to the next month. I mention this because there is currently about 1 trillion dollars in outstanding credit card debt.

In the end what this all means is that we can further expect to see cuts in credit limits from financial institutions and notably, as stated here, the credit card industry. Even if you have an excellent credit history issuers may very well cut your line of credit as an across the board attempt to protect their viability as a financial services company.

JetBlue Card from American Express

The JetBlue Credit Card from American Express is perfect for those individuals that frequently fly on JetBlue Airlines. The annual fee is astonishingly low for an airline rewards credit card but be warned, you will need to do a bit of number crunching in order to figure out how the rewards program works. In all seriousness, it’s not that complex. But as with all credit card offers, carefully read the terms and conditions befire you complete the application.

The program is pretty straight-forward. Card holders earn one point for every dollar they spend using their card and are rewarded with double award points every time you make a purchase with your card on JetBlue flights, restaurants, gym memberships, event tickets and even greens fees at your favorite golf courses. As you can tell JetBlue likes to cater to those that lead an active lifestyle. But never mind that, if you are a frequent flyer on JetBlue Airlines then this card is probably a good fit for you.

And of course, because this is an American Express offer, the JetBlue credit card includes the following perks; extended warranty protection on purchases, car rental insurance, purchase protection, fraud protection, legal and medical referral services, travel accident insurance and more. Once again we caution you to carefully read the details of the offer to see if it best suits your specific needs.

January 1st Ushers In New Credit Card Rules

Consumers will get some relief from a rather nefarious practice that many credit card companies now participate in. I’m talking about the credit card issuers raising the interest rates it charges on cardholders balances any time they want, for any reason they want.

The Federal Reserve is responsible for creating these new rules which are designed to prohibit what are perceived to be unfair practices. We at agree. For banks to arbitrarily raise rates on customers that pay their bills on time is just plain wrong. It is high time that practice ended.

It is unfortunate that the credit card issuers are now apparently raising rates ahead of the new rules going into affect on January 1st. Typically interest rates on revolving balances were only raised when account holders were late in making payments.

If your credit card company is going to raise your card’s interest rate they must first notify you so keep an out for that in your mail. To counter the higher APR you can either pay your balance in full or contact your credit card company to negotiate a lower rate. Sometimes the banks will work with you because they don’t want to lose your business. It’s definitely worth a try.

Hilton HHonors from American Express

The HHilton Honors Platinum credit card from American Express is designed to benefit individuals and businesses that travel frequently and prefer to enjoy the accommodations offered through Hilton Hotels and suites. The Hilton family of hotels has partnered up with American Express to offer generous discounts by rewarding bonus points for purchases made with the card.

The Hilton HHonors rewards program grants you 10,000 bonus points after making your very first purchase. That is enough bonus points to redeem for a free night’s stay. From there bonus points are accrued by using your card at Hilton hotels and at specified drugstores, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants and other retail locations.

You will also be rewarded with enough HHonor points after 4 nights stay to earn another free night’s stay. Three bonus HHonors points will be rewarded for all other purchases made using the Hilton HHonors platinum card. There is no annual fee and the savings that can be realized for frequent travels make this a very attractive offer.

Of course, in addition to the outstanding rewards program offered by the Hilton HHonorscredit card, the cardholder also benefits from the usual excellent service that American Express brings to bear. This includes purchase and fraud protection, travel and accident insurance, guaranteed reservations and much more. You may also want to check out theStarwood American Express as well.

Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card

The Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card from American Express gives business owners the opportunity to earn travel rewards with Delta Airlines for all business related purchases made with their card. One mile is granted for every dollar spent on all purchases and two miles are rewarded when the card holder uses the card for select goods and services including U.S. Postal Service expenses, wireless phones, drug stores, supermarkets and at Delta Airlines.

Bonus miles are also rewarded when certain annual spending thresholds are met. Miles can be used on any seat on any Delta flight and there are no restrictions and no blackout dates. Miles earned can also be used for Delta’s frequent flyer program. There is an annual fee for the American Express Delta Sky Miles Business card but it is waived for the first year. Bonus miles are also credited with each additional card issued.

There is no annual fee on purchases for an introductory period and a balance transfer option. Cardholders also receive a discount on all Delta Airline tickets.

There are also discounts available from participating merchants. And because tis is an Amex credit card, all card holders benefit from features that include travel accident insurance, emergency check-in service, car rental insurance, purchase protection and extended warranties on all purchases made with the card. Account holders also enjoy access to OPEN: the small business network.

Get Air Miles Rewards with the Discover Business Miles Credit Card

The Discover Business Miles Card is designed to benefit companies and small business owners that are seeking to earn rewards for the expenditures made in the course of operating their business.This credit card specializes in travel rewards by granting cardholders double points every time they use their card for gas purchases and travel related expenses. A mile is rewarded for all other purchases of goods and services made using the card.

Account holders redeem their miles for airline tickets or discounts in the form of reduced airfares on U.S. based air carriers. There is no limit to the amount of air miles you can accumulate and they never expire. In addition, unlike travel rewards programs from some other banks and credit card issuers, the Discover Miles card has no restrictions and no blackout dates. Travel restrictions are a thing of the past. You can now fly any airline, reserve any seat and fly on any date you choose.

For account holders that carry a high interest rate monthly balance with other credit card companies can take advantage of the low introductory APR on balance transfers. There is also a 0% annual percentage rate on all new purchases for an introductory period. This business card offer has no annual fee and has features that include fraud protection, check writing and online account management to help track expenses and conveniently redeem your air mile rewards.

Be sure to carefully read the terms set forth in the application before you apply for this or any other credit card offer. It is important to understand the interest rates that will be charged if you plan on carrying a balance from one billing cycle to the next. You will also want to compare the rewards program to that of similar offers to be sure that this card best suits your financial needs. You can also get additional Discover Business Miles credit cards for your employees.

Find The Best Gasoline Credit Cards

With ever rising pump prices, gasoline credit cards have become increasingly valuable financial instruments. There are not a great deal of these types of specialized offers available, but there most certainly are different terms associated with gas credit cards, so be sure to carefully compare and understand them before you apply.

Some important considerations include:

• Is it a cash back offer, or a discount at the pump
• Is the card good for one company’s gas, or at any station you choose
• What types of rewards and incentives are offered
• Is there a balance transfer feature
• Are there any fees
• What is the interst rate

This list is by no means a comprehensive list of the features that you should be looking for, but it is an excellent starting point. Gas credit cards will obviously benefit those businesses and individuals that drive extensively, compared to someone that doesn’t log all that many miles. This is actually one of those rare credit cards that will save you money the more you use it.

As far as flexibility and rewards go, our recommendations include the Discover Open Road Card, The Chase PefectCard and the BP Visa Rewards Card. Take your time to compare the features and benefits of the BP Credit Card offer and always be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each offer before you apply.

Who couldn’t use a gasoline credit card these days? With the price of gas per gallon rising steadily, a card that rewards you for filling up is a benefit that few can afford to pass up. When looking at these gas credit cards, realize that all are not the same.

They have great benefits but some may be for cash back on gas purchases or points towards free gas at the pump. There are also cards like the BP Visa card that rewards you for using their pumps only. Don’t despair. You don’t have to ride on fumes until you see a BP Amoco station. Choose the Discover Open Road card or the Chase PerfectCard credit card and earn cash back bonuses for filling up at any gas station you find.

Gasoline cards have other benefits that will interest you. Earn cash back rewards and points for other purchases as well. The BP Visa credit card also has a balance transfer feature that is good news for those wanting to get out from under their current high interest rate credit cards. Buying gas has never been more beneficial to your pocket than with these credit cards. Check out all of the offerings and be sure to read the terms of service before applying.

Federal Reserve To Rule On New Credit Card Regulations

When the Federal Reserve meets on Thursday they will vote on whether or not to accept sweeping regulatory changes in the credit card industry. The major objective of the new rules is the ending of the current practice of credit card issuers raising interest rates on existing credit card balances.

It has long been the practice of banks and credit card issuers that they could raise their rates on their account holders whenever it suited them, without having a reason. The Fed received over 65,000 comments on its web site telling of predatory lending practices on the part of the credit card companies. It is a central issue of fairness in many cardholder’s eyes.

A single mother of three wrote the Fed to tell them how her credit card company raised her rate from 7.9% to 29.99%. She claimed that she has paid her bills on time and that there was no reason given to her to justify the steep increase. Her comment was not the only one of that nature. There were a great many like it.

These changes have been a long time coming in the eyes of this consumer. For far too long the lobbyists employed by the credit card companies have held sway over the legislators. They get favorable laws passed seemingly at will.

The Federal Reserve is simply responding to what amounts to a barrage of complaints left on their web site. Even when cardholders admit to making a mistake and paying late, or not paying in full, they overwhelming feel it is unfair for the credit card issuers to increase the APR on their existing balances and most especially, increasing it exponentially.

And unfortunately for the people that have always paid on time, many are now getting notices in the mail of increases in their interest rates. The credit card companies are basically trying to recoup the losses incurred from delinquent cardholders on the backs of those that pay on time. And they are trying to do it before the proposed January 1st law prohibiting doing that very thing goes into effect.

It should be stated that the new laws would only prohibit raising rates on current balances and does not apply to future purchases or cash advances.
We will be monitoring the Fed’s ruling and reporting on it.